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Client Service


Doris has been employed in the accounting/payroll/human resources fields for the last 35 years. With her most recent employer, she was Payroll & Benefits Manager for an organization with 1,150 employees.


Doris graduated from Northern State University in Aberdeen, South Dakota, in December 1972 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Secretarial Science. Over her career, Doris has attended numerous seminars and classes relating to payroll, accounting, and human resources.

Personal Interests/Family

When Doris is not working, she cherishes spending quality time with her 14 grandchildren. Doris grew up on a farm in South Dakota, and she attended a one-room school house during the first few years of her education.

What brought you to The Wealth Group?

“Austin offered the position to me when he purchased the business. I couldn’t resist a job offer from my very own son.”

What do you like about working at The Wealth Group?

“Our team is highly motivated, talented, and knowledgeable – and we keep the clients’ best interests first. I also appreciate the flexibility of my position, which enables me to spend more time with grandchildren. And being able to see both my sons every day!”

Words of wisdom?

In all aspects of life, remember to be patient and have perseverance. Treat others as you would like to be treated. Be content where you are at in your life – peace in your life is a wonderful thing.